What is the process on purchasing a puppy?

Here, at Phillips’ Dawg House, we have a procedure for buying, picking, shipping  and picking up our golden retriever puppies.


Buying Your Puppy:

In order to begin this process we ask that you first complete our required online puppy questionnaire form.

We do request in the questionnaire to send a private friend request (Facebook Admin) to: Tabatha Phillips. This is for us to stay updated with each puppy and assures us that each puppy is in a loving home. This also helps me to cope with the transition of the puppies embarking on their new journey to their next chapter in life.

As breeders, we feel our most important responsibility is to match the right puppy to the right home, our first and foremost priority, and be placed in the most appropriate environment. As such, we require for all potential buyers to fill out and complete our questionnaire form. This is for us to get to know you and your family better, have a better idea of your environment, your lifestyle, and how a puppy will fit into it.

We want to assure you that this questionnaire is highly confidential and that no one but the owners of Phillips’ Dawg House will see the results of the questionnaire.


Approval Process:

After your questionnaire has been approved, We will then contact you for a short phone interview to discuss extensively your hopes for a new puppy and our expectations as Breeders, than after, once you decided to move forward, we will set up an appointment on puppies fourth (4th) week of age for you to pick out and reserve your puppy by placing a security deposit.

Puppy pick-out day is on our puppies fourth (4th) week of age, this is for the future owners, as we do not want them to only choose a puppy on his/her color and patterns, but also see and learn the puppies personality, playful ability, activity level, and allow the puppy to also have the chance see and hear their visitors, so they can also enjoy there company.

Please read our contract so that you better understand what we are mutually agreeing upon in entering this agreement together. To receive access, if requested, please remember your password given to you during your phone interview.


Reserving A Puppy:

Reservations are accepted on a “first-come, first-served” basis and are secured by your non-refundable deposit. Due to high demand for our Golden puppies, we cannot reserve a puppy without a security deposit. We may accept first, second and/or third pick due to high demand ONLY if pregnancy has been confirmed. We do not accept more deposits than there are puppies. Check out our pricing details.

Unlike some breeders, we DO NOT pick your puppy for you, as we like to work with you in determining the best puppy for you and your family. In most cases, our puppies are the one’s who pick and choose their families.

We usually will accept first, second and third pick of litter. During your phone interview we will give you the option of pick of litter. It is important that you will be available that day or make prior arrangements as to your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice, or we will choose for you, if necessary. All families are very excited on “pick your puppy day”, as we give each families an hour of time. Please remember, families that have later picks are anxiously awaiting their turn. We try hard to keep the picking process on time.

Please Note: While you pick you puppy at four (4) weeks, remember — Puppies will not be able to leave to go to their new homes until they are at-least eight (8) weeks of age. No sooner. No exceptions***

Puppies cannot leave their litter-mates until they are at-least 8 weeks of age. The canine socialization period takes place between week 6 and 8, and is one of the most important stages of development of the dog. What they learn from their dam and littermates during this period greatly influences the rest of their lives. Also, under the state law in Florida, puppies cannot leave before 8 weeks of age.

As we would love to meet your other pets, we do ask that you do not bring them when visiting your puppy. For more details please check out Can we bring our other pets to visit our new puppy.


Shipping Your Puppy:

We do not fly our puppies or dogs. We do offer a pet taxi, where we will drive the puppy to your location with additional fee (domestic travel in the U.S.). If this is not an option, we also offer one person from Phillips’ Dawg House to fly with the puppy (at owners expense) to your location with a (1) round trip ticket, or have the owner fly down and pick up the puppy.

Check out why we do not fly out puppies or dogs


Picking Up Your Puppy:

Puppies are usually ready to leave to their new homes at 8-9 weeks of age.

In order to work around other families picking up that accommodates both our schedules, we have found it beneficial to have an open house. Time will be posted up on our facebook page a week in advance. Hours are usually from 11-6pm. If you cannot make it between those hours or on that day, please let us know so we will know when to expect you or can make plans for  a new pick-up date. Puppies cannot leave before the date of schedule departure, new pick-up date will have to be a day after. Please do not come before the first hour as we need this time to get puppies ready, bathed, nails trimmed and packed for departure.

***We will also ask to take a photo of each family with their new puppies***

Registration, health certificate, records, and microchip registration information, etc will be provided at the time of pick-up. For more details chick out What will the puppies be provided with.



If it is necessary, we are more than happy to keep your puppy for extra time. There will be a $7 per day boarding fee.


If you have additional questions – you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page, Email Us, or Call Us 386-682-0990.

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