How does the save a life discount work?

Being hobby breeders doesn’t mean we do not support animals in shelters or those that have been abused, neglected and/or homeless on the streets. Growing up I have always owned at least one rescue animal and it still has not changed. As of right now I have two rescued cats that we have saved from neglected owners. I have fostered and nursed back so many lives throughout my young life and have re-homed many into wonderful furever loving homes. I believe animals are such innocent part of nature that get mistreated due to the lack of animal rights. Pets bring us so much joy into our lives, and ask so little of us in return. We support and donate to many shelters, which is true to our heart. We try to express the importance of adopting and saving an innocent life. Animals are truly a blessing and we cannot grasp the reasoning why humans would abuse or neglect an animal. We highly encourage to adopt a pet from a high kill shelter, as we disagree of their polices and lack of time to find the animal a home, it is important even if you just saved just one life.

How do I receive my discount? You will receive discount AFTER spaying/neutering Phillips’ Dawg House dog (on a timely manner). Dog spay/neuter certificate along with documents from rescue dog needs to be included to receive discount.

What documents do I need? It’ very easy, all you need to do is send us a copy of your pets original adoption papers with the buyer name from the shelter of purchase (This does not include purchasing a pet from a breeder or a pet store). Record/receipts must be in  the buyer name and must also present copies of up to date shot records. The pet must still be living, spayed/neutered, living with the original buyer on the records/receipts and must of had them for at-least 2 years prior purchasing a dog from Phillips’ Dawg House to receive our discount (2 years or older).

What if I rescued an animal off the streets can I still receive a discount? If you rescued an animal from the streets, all you need to do is send us a copy of the original medical bill of examination from a veterinarian and must also state pets condition, such as malnourished and reasoning explanation of why, and/or have a veterinary letterhead with vet signature stating you have found the pet and is now under your care. Record/receipts must be in buyer name and present copies of up to date shot records. The pet must still be living, spayed/neutered, living with the original buyer on the records/receipts and must have them for at-least 2 years and before and after photos to assure us that the reasoning of the pets health didn’t downfall due to lack of ownership.

Why do I have to own my pet for at-least 2 years to receive discount?
This is to assure us that this pet is part of your family and not a disposal object. We also want to be assured that the pet wasn’t just purchased to receive the discount. We want all pets to be in a loving furever homes.

What type of pet does it have to be to receive discount? Any and all! Dog, cat, rabbit, horse, ferret, mouse, etc. Whatever it may be it must be a rescued animal. 

Save a life, and gain a fur ever friend!


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