What will the puppies be provided with?


Each puppy will be provided with over 30 items and obedience training to prepare you and your puppy for long, happy, healthy life together!

Each puppy will be provided with:

  Purebred Puppies – Puppies AKC Litter Registered
  AKC Papers
  Champion Bloodlines – Many generations of obedience trained dogs
  OFA Parental Clearances
  Lifetime Support
  Free Membership with full access to our social community consisting of present, past and prospective Phillips’ Dawg House owners.
 No Questions Asked Lifetime Return Policy (No Matter The Age)
  72 Hour Wellness Check-Up Warranty
  Extended TWO (2) Year Health Guarantee
  Free 60-day AKC Pet Healthcare Plan
  FREE Initial Office Visit, Medical Consultation & Physical Exam from our veterinary clinic
  State Health Certificate
  First set of shots & dewormed
  AKC ISO Microchipped (worldwide standard microchip)
  Microchip with lifetime paid registration – Pre-registered & Activated before new home with AKC Reunite
  Flea/Tick Preventive Applied Before Departure
  Heartgaurd Plus Tablet Given Before Departure
  1 Month Supply of Flea/Tick Preventive for home use
  1 Month Supply of Heartguard Plus for home use
  Reusable Customized Bags filled with goodies
  Blanket, Teddy or Toy with Mommy’s
 Puppy Starter Kit(s) (coupons, sample foods, etc)
  Starter Bag of Food (ORIGIN PUPPY Grain-Free)
  Starter Toys (balls, ropes, stuff teddies)
  Starter Collar and Leash
  A binder containing your puppies:
  Health Records
  Full vet records
  Whelping Form
  Puppy Data Sheet/Birth Record
  Puppy Growth Chart
  Birth Certificate
  Puppy In Belly X-ray (if printable)
  Sale Contract/Agreement Form
  Training Guide Tips & Advice
  Warm Bath on Exit


All puppies leave with introduction of Potty Training, Basic & Advance Commands, such as:

Obedience Commands

✔ Call Name (if name is decided)
✔ Sit (taught with hand signal)
✔ Stay
✔ Come
✔ Down (taught with hand signal)
✔ Watch Me
✔ Ah-ah (correction cue)
✔ OK (release and go)
✔ Fetch
✔ Catch
✔ Drop-it


✔ Table / Feeding Manners (No begging)
✔ No Jumping
✔ No Chewing
✔ Nice (soft mouth/ be gentle)
✔ No biting, No nipping

Potty Training

✔ Potty
✔ “Go Potty” (potty on command)


✔ Walk on leash
✔ Sit-Stay (putting leash on & off)
✔ Heal
✔ Let’s Go
✔ Easy
✔ Our Yard (roam free – stay on location)

House Training

✔ Designated Potty Spot (artificial grass)
✔ Lights Out (bed time) – Sleeping through the night


✔ Grooming
✔ Nails being Trimmed
✔ Bath time
✔ Blow Dried


✔Car rides
✔ Vet visits (puppy wellness)
✔ Babies, Children, Teens, Adults, Seniors
✔ Introduced to other animals – dogs / cats / Hamsters
✔ “Scary noises” – Train whistle (as we live next to train tracks), Blow Dryer, Vacuum, Dishwasher, Washer & Dryer, Full House etc.
✔ Water / Swimming


As Phillips’ Dawg House guarantees that we have worked hundreds of hours with each puppy. Puppies, just like children may not all reach the exact same level. Some puppies may do better than others and have harder times in certain areas and/or may lapses as it is impossible to fully guarantee perfect training with each and every pup within the 8-9 weeks period. Like most children they have short attention spans, all puppies will need continuing training at home to succeed with their education. It is important for you to be prepared to keep practicing with the tools given, as we will provide training instructions, a DVD video and a lifetime of support so you can continue training and socializing your puppy.


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