Why security deposit non-refundable?

We personally have not had anyone ask us why our security deposits are non-refundable. But we want to shine some light for those who may wonder.


As ethical reputable breeders, there are numerous reasons why deposits are Non-Refundable.

  1. A security deposit is a contract between the breeders and the buyers. On our side it means we will not sell or reserve the puppy to anyone else from that litter. On the buyer’s side they are promising to purchase the puppy from us the breeders, ware that you are serious about committing to the puppy/litter/etc.
  2. We believe our pups are well sought out and can be placed in a well matched home so the deposit refund would not be a burden.
  3. Once a deposit is made on a puppy, we will not sell that puppy to anyone else. If we have enough deposits for the whole litter, we turn potential buyers down, meaning if the buyer backs out, that puppy have had lost other opportunities for a reliable home due to the “contract” agreement being broken by the buyer. We will also keep the deposit for all the added trouble of placing the puppy later on.
  4. Our deposits goes towards preparing for the new arrivals, such as supplies, vet bills etc.
  5. There is WORK involved in screening people, letting them visit, talking to them over and over on the phone, answering e-mails, answering questions about our breeding practices, etc, etc. We have to get a good feel for who is getting our puppies, it takes time and effort.
  6. We also have the right to withdraw a deposit if we discover a buyer isn’t what they portray themselves to be.


As we always tell our potential buyers that deposits and all other payments are non-refundable, to make sure you and your family are committed before making a decision on placing a security deposit.

We do understand things happen, in certain circumstances, we do offer options, as the buyers can either transfer the deposit to a future litter of equal value. Deposits can be transferable to the following litter if anything unexpected occurs on either parties.

Placing a deposit is a security blanket for both the buyers and the breeders. This is why there are series of steps to purchase a puppy from us (required questionnaire, facebook friending & phone and/or in-person interview).

We do not take deposits until puppies are on the ground. We do not accept more deposits than there are puppies. We do not take deposits before the puppies are born here at Phillips’ Dawg House because we are not eager to take your money and we don’t know how to reserve something that doesn’t exist as of yet.

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