What separates you from other breeders?

Phillips’ Dawg House commitment is unparalleled by any other breeder. There are so many different reasons that separates us from other breeders. As professional breeders, our breeding program doesn’t only focus on our puppies but also for the future parents. Being a breeder is also being an agent, we interact daily and have to communicate on a daily basis with each of our puppy owners to help maintain a healthy puppy and have the fortunate opportunity to watch our dogs grow and stay updated on their new adventures! We have created and built up our name by forming amazing new friendships each time around!




    • SAVE A LIFE DISCOUNT -We truly, truly love animals and offer a discount for a great cause! We believe it’s essential to be the voice for pets, give them all the opportunity to fulfill a happy and healthy long life, so as an animal lovers we believe one of the greatest thing for a person to do is to adopt a pet!  If you have adopted a pet from an shelter (i.e. High Kill Shelter, Humane Society, Rescue or Pet Hospital etc.), we will take $100 OFF on your puppy purchase! Everyone needs love in their life! Please read our terms & conditions.


    • SPAY/NEUTER REBATE PROGRAM – We are the first and only breeders who offer a rebate program! We offer a FREE $50 Visa/Mastercard gift card to the primary buyer who have spayed/neutered the dog and within the timely manner.


    • We DO NOT force our buyers to purchase NuVet vitamins. Many breeders will make this brand of vitamin mandatory for the life of their dog, or the health guarantee is void. Every breeder that are promoting these vitamins have a special, exclusive “code” for the consumer to use to purchase the vitamins in-which they receive profit, discount or kickbacks. We are no way affiliated or associated with NuVet in any way. We believe if we are truly raising healthy puppies, it is not necessary to purchase these vitamins. As it is always great to think ahead, we recommend feeding your dog whole food Antioxidant and Herbal Blend vitamins for a good  long term preventive care. Although there is no such thing as a miracle vitamin, there are many wonderful multivitamins for your dog on the market, at a more affordable cost.


    • Unlike some breeders, we DO NOT do theme litters, which we rather use strict alphabetical order, which we choose the litters letters by working the way through the alphabet, from A to Z. Example, our first litter is the “Angel’s A-Litter” our second litter from Angel is “Angel’s B-Litter” and so on. This is a way breeders keep track of each of their litters. Some breeders make it mandatory to incorporate the theme or the letters into the AKC registration name along with the kennel name. Really, what is the fun of having a new puppy if you cannot pick and choose your own puppies name? Not fun at all. We DO NOT recommend you to use our way of identifying our litters by adding it to your pets AKC name. This identification should solely be used for breeders files and records only. Not to mention, each litter is also tracked by AKC database. However, it is mandatory to use our kennel name ( Phillips’ ) for the first word in their AKC registered name.


    • Unlike some breeders, we DO NOT pick your puppy for you, but rather “guide” you in your decision as we like to work with you in determining the best puppy for you and your family. In most cases, our puppies are the one’s who pick and choose their families!


    • WORKING DOGS! All of our dogs come from champion bloodlines which proves that they have the will and mind to become the very best service dogs. Not only do we breed pet dogs but we also selectively choose the right potential puppies and train them to become successful service dogs for those who suffer medically and emotionally. This comes very close to home and we take pride in helping people in this very challenging life we live!


    • We DO NOT take deposits before the puppies are born here at Phillips’ Dawg House because we are not eager to take your money and we don’t know how to reserve something that doesn’t exist as of yet. *We may accept first, second and/or third pick due to high demand ONLY if pregnancy has been confirmed.


    • We DO NOT accept more deposits than there are puppies.


    • We DO NOT mix breed or crossbreed/hybrids our dogs. When you are crossing two first-generation dogs, unlike purebred dogs, with a hybrid, you really do not know exactly what kind of temperament, size, or exact look of the dog will be. Purebred dogs are beneficial in that when you buy a purebred dog you know what you are getting. A purebred dog is one that has been bred over many generations to breed true in-which each puppy that is born looks and has the same temperament and characteristics as the others.


    • HOBBY BREEDERS – We are hobby breeders and do not have over populated breeding dogs. We are NOT mass breeders. We DO NOT have puppies all of the time. We only sell to private homes; NO litter lot sales, brokers, or resale EVER. We DO NOT breed for money, we do it for the love of the breed! Our dos are selectively and limitedly bred.




    • AKC LITTER REGISTERED – Unlike some breeders, we DO NOT charge an extra fee to register the litter. This charge comes out of our own pocket.


    • OUR BREEDING PROGRAMOur breeding program concentrates on health, temperament & characteristics consistent with the Golden Retriever Breed Standard. Our Dogs are selectively & limitedly bred, home bred and family raised with children, adults and other pets.


    • RETIREMENT – Our adult dogs are not just for the use of breeding as they are our family members (first and foremost). Once our babies retire, we keep them and DO NOT sell, rehome, give, trade or put down our dogs under no circumstances in order to “make room” for another breeding dog.


    • COMPETITIVE PRICES – We offer love for all walks of life for a reasonable and affordable price.


    • OUR COMMITMENT – Our dogs are family members first & foremost. We focus on one litter at a time. We DO NOT have multiple litters at once- We believe each litter needs to receive our complete and full individual attention.


    • NO QUESTIONS ASKED LIFETIME RETURN POLICY (NO MATTER THE REASON, AGE OR CONDITION OF THE DOG) – We ALWAYS take back any of our offspring, if at anytime, that their owners can not keep, no question asked. (In some cases, we will pay full price minus deposit, shipping and any other added fees). Sometimes, no fault of the owner or the dog, situations and circumstances in a family’s life change beyond their control. We always put forth effort to find a new home for the dog, as we will care for the dog until they are able to be fitted in a suitable home or if it is severe we will keep the dog by our side as our own for the life of the dog. None of our dogs are allowed to be placed in a shelter or a rescue.


    • LIFETIME SUPPORT – We love to offer advice, tips and any suggestions that concerns your pet.


    • APPLICANT PRE-SCREENING – Unlike some breeders, we DO NOT just allow anyone to purchase a puppy from us, as we do a full screening on each potential buyer.


    • TWO HEALTH GUARANTEE – Puppy Wellness Check-Up Warranty and an extended Two Year Health Guarantee.


    • CONTRACT – To protect the dog, offspring’s and for both parties.


    • WE NURTURE OUR PUPPIES IMMUNE SYSTEM – by not over vaccinating or exposing them to process foods, harsh chemicals or public places where other dogs can carry contagious viruses and disease.


    • FLEA/TICK PREVENTIVE APPLIED BEFORE DEPARTURE – Each puppy will have a flea/tick preventive applied to help prepare them for a care-free month with their new owners preventing them from fleas and ticks to help them start off on the right foot! Free of charge!


    • HEARTGARD PLUS CHEWABLE GIVEN BEFORE DEPARTURE – Each puppy will be given Heartgaurd Plus Chewable to help prepare them for a care-free month with their new owners preventing them from heartworms to help them start off on the right foot! Free of charge!


    • FLEA/TICK & HEARTWORM PREVENTIVE Extra free month of flea/tick and heartworm preventive. Free of Charge!


    • KID TESTED PARENT APPROVED – Raised with young children and are given daily socialization.


    • HOME BRED & FAMILY RAISED – Our puppies are raised in our homes and are given daily socialization, experiencing a variety of situations appropriate to their ages from birth until they are ready to leave. This is a no cage environment, only whelping boxes & open play areas.


    • INTRODUCTION TO POTTY TRAINING, BASIC & ADVANCE COMMANDS – Most of our puppies leave completely potty trained, and know basic commends like sit and stay. Potty training starts as soon as the puppies start to walk from about 2 1/2 weeks old. Most of the puppies pick up on the potty training at 3 weeks old.


    • CUTTING-EDGE BREEDING & RAISING TECHNIQUES – All of our puppies will experience our extensive developmental Puppy Rearing program. Including, Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS/Biosensor) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI), regular socialization with people of all ages, race and sizes, regular socialization with other pets, physically and mentally stimulating environment appropriate to their age, problem-solving exercises appropriate to their age, daily walks and exercise appropriate to their age,  introduction to solid foods around 3-4 weeks of age, potty training starts about 2 1/2 weeks old.


    • ISO MICROCHIPPED – All puppies will be microchipped with a international microchip , which is used across the country and not just the USA- Only the best for the best!


    • MICROCHIP WITH FREE LIFETIME REGISTRATION – Microchips will be Pre-registered and Activated before leaving to their new homes. We DO NOT charge the buyer(s) for the microchip or registration fee as it comes out of our own pockets.


    • FEEDING HABITS – Our puppies eat organically and raised on a high quality grain-free dog food.


    • STATE HEALTH CERTIFICATE – We DO NOT sell our puppies without a state health certificate. Unlike some other breeders, we DO NOT charge the owners for the state health certificate (some breeders like to call it a “special vet check-up” or only offer it at extra cost when shipping dog). Most breeder’s only offer a state health certificate, with an extra fee when shipping a puppy, which is required when your shipping any kind of pet on an air far. We believe this should be required and at no extra cost to the buyers. Health certificate proves that the puppy is in good standing health, flea free, and free of contagious or infectious disease and have no evidence of internal or external parasite, including coccidiosis & ear mites.If your breeder does not included a state health certificate with your puppy by an licensed accredited veterinarian, most likely that puppy has not seen a licensed veterinarian. It’s very important to be provided with a REAL state health certificate stating what and when your puppy was vaccinated, and if they are in good standing health, not from, as far as the eye can see.


    • FREE COMPLIMENTARY AKC HEALTHCARE PLAN – Protection Includes: Veterinary Treatment & Surgical Procedures, Prescription Medications, X-rays, CT scans & MRI’s, Diagnostic & Laboratory Tests, Hospitalization, Emergency Visits to 24/7 Clinics, Specialist Visits, Cancer Coverage.


    • FREE VET EXAM FROM OUR VET – When purchasing a puppy from us, you will receive a special offer for a FREE initial Office Visit, Medical Consultation & Physical Exam from our veterinary clinic. We know how expensive it may be bringing home a new addition, this saving you the stress and worry of extra expenses. We are pawsitive that your new puppy would prefer using that money that you would’ve of spent at the vet to buy them new toy than receive a hello fecal exam!


    • VACCINATION/DEWORMEDUnlike most breeders, we DO NOT vaccinate our dogs ourselves to just save a few bucks. They receive their core vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian. Signs of breeders who vaccinate and deworm their puppies themselves usually state that each puppy will receive deworming at 2,4,6 8 weeks of age and have made their own “health record”. No good breeder should vaccinate or deworm their puppies. Fecal exam by a veterinarian is the quickest and most accurate safest way to determine if puppies have worms and to administer the right dose of dewormer. Our puppies only get dewormed if their fecal exam comes up positive, which they get tested twice a week apart, trying to avoid putting unnecessary chemicals in their young bodies. We have not yet needed any of our puppies to be dewormed!


    • PUPPY RECORDS – From birth certificate, whelping chart to weight chart.


    • OUR COMMUNITYA wonderful safe environment where you can connect with other puppy owners! Go ahead, register your free account today & start spreading the puppy breath in our community!



For more please check out — What will the puppies be provided with?

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