Kitty Diggin’s Fragrance Free Cat Litter

Kitty Diggin’s Fragrance Free Cat Litter

I like to share a product that iv been using for the past few months and its only 98¢!

If you have cats this may be helpful keeping your weekly spending money in your wallet!

I usually buy fresh steps cat litter, really, this was the only cat litter I would use, as I swear by it, but at times money is tight so I came across a bag of cat litter for only 98¢ for a 7lb bag at Walmart, it’s 100% natural (I’m a bit of a “scrunchy mom” – environmental & health conscious) made from natural materials-clay granules, it’s safe non-irritating formula that contains no perfumes or dyes which is excellent choice for those in your family or for cats that are sensitive, allergic or finicky about fragrances or additives.

This litter has been incredible for only being 98¢ for a 7lb bag of cat litter! Firstly, Its not dusty like other cat litters (cough, cough-fresh step). Secondly, it controls odor better than the expensive brands. I have two cats and it actually covers up the smell of cat urine! Ill admit, I have tested this litter, as sometimes I will avoid cleaning out the litter box for a few days hoping the smell will bother my hubby making him clean it out, (his cats his share of responsibility right?!) but this litter doesn’t play well on my part, no matter how bad the box gets, we cannot smell a thing! Thirdly, Instead of paying $32 for 2 boxes a month of fresh step I now pay only $8 a month for cat litter, which is amazing!

Pros – all natural, bag is recyclable, not dusty, controls odor better than expensive brands,
easy to dispose, easy box clean up-no urine pools/clumps sticking to the scoop or box, fragrance free (this is great for cats that uses other areas as a litter box as most cats are sensitive to fragrances), additive free, inexpensive and no complaints from my cats!

Cons – Hubby will not clean out litter box due to the well behaved odor control.

You can purchase this at your local Walmart:
Kitty Diggin’s 7lb Fragrance Free Cat Litter

Note: You should take advantage of this product while the price is only 98¢. Since I’m buying this product, like all other products I enjoy, they may get discontinued or prices may increase. Its just my luck


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