New Puppy Check List

Make sure you have all the basics. Here is our check list items for you new puppy


All puppies have been raised on Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food
. Not all BLUE are created equal, please make sure you get the Wilderness from BLUE’s product line.

Even though we will send you home with samples, it will not last. So, please be sure to have food on hand!

If you decide to change your dog food, as we highly discourage doing so, please keep them on a high quality grain-free diet as a grain-free diet offers many health benefits for your beloved pet. (grains are a good source for causing and creating allergies, and Golden’s are high in that gene pool to developed issues with allergies). Another reason to keep your pet on a grain-free diet prevents your dog from over eating, (which obesity is also a know fact in Golden’s) unlike the food chain stores they may seem a bit cheaper at the time but you will be buying a bag more often than you would with a grain-free formula which you will be saving money in the long run and preventing health issues and future vet bills. Please make sure to slowly wean your puppy off of BLUE if choosing to move to another formula. ***Again, we highly discourage this***

(More information about the importance of feeding you beloved pooce a grain-free diet and weaning off your dog from his food will be in your puppies binder at pick-up)


We prefer using metal dishes, as plastic dishes carry a chemical, and can eventually harm your dog’s health later down the years. The chemical also can leak into their drinking water and change the color of your dogs nose.


Many people like to use crates for “crate training”. As we prefer against this, please only use crating as training and not as a dog prison. Golden retrievers need exercise to grow and be healthy. Please, do not lock your dog up when their is no need. Please try to make the crate as comfortable for you dog as possible. Set up with a bed inside using beach towel or blanket (which will make washing alot easier), you can also put a normal pillow under the towel and blanket for a more comfortable spot. If they have plenty of toys and treats inside they shouldn’t chew up the bedding, but if they start to chew on them you can always take them out. Plenty of toys, and always water in hand.


Every puppy needs toys! Dogs will only chew up things when they are bored, that’s why its important to give them toys! Popular toys for Golden Retrievers!

  • Classic Kong (you stick a treat or put pumpkin or peanut butter inside. It will keep them busy for awhile)
  • KONG Wobbler (You put bits of kibble in it, shake it, and it will keep your dog busy for a long, long time!)
  • Tuffy Dog Toys
  • Tug Toys, such as a tug rope. Ropes with major chewers will chop & swallow and wont bypass their stomachs. Since goldens/labs are notorious for swallowing things that won’t go thru. We recommend the Colossal Two Knot Rope 39″ L X 4.5″ W
  • Squeaker Toys
  • Dental Chews (Better for their teeth than the average bone!)
  • Nylabone
  • Dog Plush Toys
  • Frisbee
  • REAL Tennis Balls


Please try to feed your dog grain-free dog treats! Dog’s should not consume grains. Grains cause many health problems and creates allergies. Our recommendations:

  • Earth Balance Coconut & Peanut Spread
  • Smart Balance All Natural Rich Roast Peanut Butter (Has omega-3 from flax oil
  • Dried Liver
  • Can Pumpkin (not pie filling)
  • Zuke’s Lil’ Links Sausage Dog Treats
  • Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free Raw Boost Bites Freeze Dried Treats
  • Dogswell Happy Hips Jerky Bars Dog Treats
  • Gimborn Pro-Treat Raw Naturals Freeze Dried Dog Treats
  • Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free Dog Biscuits
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Grain-Free Dog Biscuits
  • Dogswell Nutrisca Dinner Bites Freeze Dried Dog Treats
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness can food
  • Healthy Snax® Sweet Potato Dog Treats
  • Blue Buffalo Tranquility Natural Chicken Jerky Dog Treats
  • Nylabone Nutri Dent Grain Free Complete Dental Chew


At this time, we recommend getting a medium size collar, as Golden’s are a large breed and grow fast.


Since Florida has leash laws. You will need a leash for potting, exercise, walks and visiting your vets office.


If your puppy is not completely potty trained as of yet, you may want to purchase artificial grass such as Tinkle Turf for Large Dog Breeds, training pads or if you can get your hands on newspapers for easy potty training.


This is a bittersweet spray that discourages your dog from certain situations. This is a chew deterrent, you can spray an area where you want your dog to prevent from chewing, for example, Christmas tree, spray on low branches for persistent chewers. It’s great for training your dog, you can us it to prevent your dog from biting.


To take lots of pictures! Please, don’t forget to share pictures of you dog. As we love to watch them grow!


You can shop here on our website for our personal recommendations!.


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